Neighbors of North Philadelphia

The idea is to see the world literally and figuratively through a new lens, to begin conversations, listen to stories, and capture the images of people living near Temple University Hospital, the very people we will care for one day.

Morris and Morris
Sweat dripped down Morris Hayward Jr.’s forehead. In his arms was Morris III, age 2, whom he had just picked up from daycare, a daily routine that requires two buses and a subway ride to get home in Northeast Philly. The father, who works at Outback Steakhouse in Jenkintown, feels his son has been moved too many times, so keeps him at Shake, Rattle and Roll on North Broad Street. Morris Jr. named his son after his own late father, whom he misses terribly. “My dad had cancer and Temple took care of him, extended his life.”
A Choir of One
Jaden Steward is 12. He was playing basketball with his twin brother, Jordan, and friends on his street after school. We asked Jaden what else he likes to do. He told us he loves to sing. It took some coaxing, but leaning against a white Chrysler, Jaden broke into a church song, I Love You, Lord. We stopped in our tracks and listened. A choir voice rang out, hushing the car horns and ceasing the sounds of the city. It ended as quickly as it began, but for a few bars of music we were parishioners in the chapel of North Philadelphia.
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